Thank you for the privilege of serving in the
Minnesota State Senate from 2003-2006!

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When I left the MN Senate in 2006 the state had full cash reserves, a balanced budget, even a budget surplus.  While I was out of the MN Senate from 2007 through 2010, the Legislature spent it all disappeared and Minnesotans were left a $5 Billion budget deficit, almost no cash in the bank with a line of credit just to make sure we wouldn’t “bounce checks” and the unemployment rate was at 7.6%.

As a result, I ran again to return to the MN Senate in 2010. In these last two years we balanced the budget without raising any state taxes, replenished state cash flow and reserve accounts with nearly $1 Billion cash, brought the current budget to a $1.2 Billion SURPLUS, the unemployment is 25% lower than it was and future projected budget deficits were reduced by 75%!

Things aren’t perfect, and we have a fair amount of work to do yet, to get Minnesota on the right track – but we are again headed in the right direction.  I am asking for your vote to elect me again, to the newly drawn Senate District 32 and finish the work we started over the last two years.

Thank you,

Sean Nienow

Sean Nienow
Minnesota State Senator